Mia Martina and Me

Read on for an excerpt from This Business of Life and Business:

Two for the price of one, you’ve got me singing

Two for the price of one, I love the way you’re dancing

Two for the price of one, love the way you’re smiling

I’m not sure where I was going with this song but, what I do know
is it flowed like an exuberant stream and I was able to connect a voice
to these lyrics too. A couple of times throughout the flight, I listened to
Mia Martina’s song, Stereo Love, an all-time favorite of mine.

Aww! Those days of traveling along the meandering pathways from
Calgary to Southern Alberta, whisked back and forth by prevailing
winds as tumbleweeds flew across our path. The experience of having
one’s vehicle manipulated violently by strong gusts while observing
tractor-trailer trucks on the verge of toppling over were frightening. But
nothing would stop us, it seemed, from taking the two-hour drive to
Lethbridge to conduct inventories of our SofStyle hair extensions …
and to make good on collecting some outstanding checks.

Quite frankly, Mia’s tunes became a vital part of our travels, which
made it much easier to brave the journey each time.

On one such journey, I asked Jory, one of my sales ambassadors (and
co-pilot) if she knew the name of a song that was playing on the radio
in my truck. Given that she was quite familiar with the artist and song,
she found a link and texted it to me. “Thank you, Jory,” I said.

“Yeah! I like that song too,” she said. And since then, Stereo Love,
as well as others of Mia Martina’s songs, have topped my list of favorites
songs. Her repertoire of melodies became an integral part of my traveling
arsenal: so much so that no matter where I went, everywhere, I would
always have them along for the ride. Mia’s voice brought these song
lyrics to life in my head, as I churned out line after line until they were
fully completed songs.

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