Elementor #588

January 9, 2021

Thoughts To Ponder – January 9th, 2021

I wrote about Trump in my book, titled, This Business Of Life And Business, subtitled Pot-Au-Feu. I did so, not only because he made himself an easy target to write about, but over the last five years, I saw a chain of his actions, coupled with the reaction of half the American people, that predicted what transpired in our recent past.

No one should be surprised. We all saw this coming. But I venture to say this: long ago the immoral seeds of corruption were already sown, and the extent to which, the mental capacities and psyche of the American people have been desecrated, is now known.

So, there is one thing but for certain, if we don’t ride on the wings of this moment, to pull back the curtains to expose and root out the sprouts of these seeds, our time spent now would simply be wasted.

All who supported this monster ought to be removed, bar none. The will of the people and the promise of an America as a global leader was never intended to be undone.

There must be a concerted effort on all fronts, to address the advancement of our intellectual property while fostering regard for truth and the rule of law.

‘Illiteracy breathes conspiracy theories.’

Amend the constitution in a manner that provides the framework and effectiveness against all the atrocities that we have observed over the past century. A mammoth task, but one worth pursuing.

Now is the defining moment in our history to evolve and grow. To heal any nation, serious and tangible steps must be taken to curtail the imbalances amongst races and a growing gap between the wealthy and impoverished.

The Biden/Harris coalition will have the toughest mandate of any presidential and vice-presidential candidates in the history of America. But it doesn’t have to be as daunting as we perceive. We all simply need to adopt the mindset with a desire to make things right.

If but anything history teaches us, is that we sometimes forget what took place in the past. Therefore, I remain hopeful that the events surrounding the insurrection on the Capitol of the United States of America, will spur us all into setting the stage for politically bilateral growth and enlightenment towards the fulfillment of life’s purposes.

Make it your business to embrace life as it is intended to be.

Ray Byfield

Uploaded to The Globe and Mail, and The New York Post.