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May we all embrace and help to fashion life’s reality as it is intended to be, not for selfish or self-serving purposes, but with morality and spiritual depth, for the good of all humanity.
– Ray Byfield

This inspiring thought came to me amidst the backdrop of some tempestuous life experiences, when I was trying to understand why my business and personal relationships seemed to have faltered.

Though my efforts bore all the hallmarks of success, it wasn’t enough to hinder my rapid downward spiral from grace with myself, family and friends, which plunged me into such abysmal realms that it nearly caused my death.

I had it all figured out. I was on a trajectory toward prominence in the hair and beauty industry, but my personal and business relationships devolved in a frightening manner which ultimately defiled all my good intentions and efforts.

My relationships with ‘Madam’ and subsequently ‘Vex’ (not their real names) brought me to a place of servitude and drudgery. However, this caused me to dig deep into the depths of spirituality, and I formed a philosophical context which brought about a higher understanding of the inner workings of life, and of self.

And then there was Rob, my good friend who once worked in the upper echelons of the RBC Banking Group. Along with sound advice, he helped me to understand more about how life in the business world worked.
While wallowing in an abyss of darkness which was heightened by the loss of close friends and family, I became more aware about identifying with the pain of others, and through offering whatever means of encouragement I could, I learned I could prevent them from falling off the edge of life the way I almost did.

Eventually I came to terms with the stark realization that my life experiences were not accidents, but growth experiences. My book offers useful tips on how to see the truth.

Herein details a business plan that will cost you not 30 to 60 thousand dollars, but only the price of a paperback book on the shelf. Should anyone adapt any of these principles, then I will achieve great satisfaction in knowing I have made a positive impact in the world.


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